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  • Toe to Toe Baseball is a registered trademerk of Head to Head Baseball Inc.

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    A Game includes the cards, a scorepad, game board and markers and rules sheet to help you get started. All this is packaged up in an eye-catching box for storage between games.

    Two players take turns being the hitter or fielder, through 9 innings just like in a real baseball game. The cards let you pitch, hit, strike guys or gals out, hit home-runs, turn double plays, steal bases, sacrifice flys, bunt, pull your pitcher, pinch hit and more. The rules are divided into two parts, a Minor League to start out and the Major Leagues for more advanced players.

    All of this can be done right on your kitchen table in a fast and competitive game where you can really get to hate your opponent!

    A knowledge of baseball is an asset to play this game because of how close it is to the sport. - but is not required

    click on the image above to view a larger image of the complete game.

    The following are some testimonials and other feedback about the game.

    Over 600 games have been sold to date locally and the demand is growing and starting to come from outside the area.

    Players are of all ages with kids being particularily excited about the game - expecially kids that play baseball. Toe to Toe Baseball is very close to the real game and the same rules apply, thus honing the strategic skills of the young players. However, it is a card game and is fun and competitive like any good card game - even if you do not like baseball.

    "I would like to give you my testimonial by telling you of our reaction to it when my son and I first played it. Spencer, who is 10 years of age, was playing league ball last summer at the sports complex in town. Occasionally Spencer would tell me of this person named Dave and how he was playing this card game and how it looked like fun. When I was at one of the games, Spencer and I met Dave, the creator of the game. He showed us some basics of how to play the game. We bought one, went home, and started playing it and we have been hooked ever since. We have even devised our own mini world series using 6 of our favourite teams each. My son and I will always choose Toe to Toe Baseball when we're thinking of playing a card game. What more can I say, except that it is truly a wonderful, fun game"
    Nelson A. Leclair

    A big plus about the game is that you need two players. This gets people playing and thinking against each other rather than playing singly against a machine. IT MAKES YOU THINK.

    "Normally my two young sons play apart, usually with the video game or watching television. They are both baseball fans and since we got this game they have been spending a lot more time together and less time in front of the TV."
    A local Mom.

    There have been several tournaments played in local pubs, with the last tournament consisting of 30 players.

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