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    Attention all organizations in need of a unique and useful fundraising item!

    Contact us to discuss your proposed fundraiser and how we might help you raise money for your organization with this unique card game.

    Not only can the card game be sold to raise money, but can be used at community centers and events in the form of tournaments where players can pay an amount to enter the tournament and receive a prize at the end. This could be a weekly or monthly event, depending only upon the interest you generate.

    Contact us, we will be happy to help in your fundraising efforts!!

    click on the image above to view a larger image.

    Do you love baseball ...!!?

    Do you love to play cards ...!!?

    Do both with this quality card game!!

    Play Toe to Toe Baseball® anywhere you can carry a deck of cards! With Toe to Toe Baseball® you can hit a homer, run the bases, pitch, hit .... or in other words, play baseball! ... All this with the specially designed cards and gameboard that make up the game.

    Do you just need a new card game??

    Knowlege of baseball is not necessary to enjoy this card game for the fun and competitive game it is!

    Card players rejoice!!! A fun new game just for you!!

    You do not need to know the game of baseball to play this game, the rules of play for Toe to Toe Baseball® are included in the game! With two levels of play, any age or ability level can start playing immediately!

    This is an ideal game for large groups where people can split off into teams and play a tournament, with a final game to find the winning team ... your very own World Series!!

    "Normally my two young sons play apart, usually with the video game or watching television. They are both baseball fans and since we got this game they have been spending a lot more time together and less time in front of the TV."
    ( A local Mom ).

    This is a game for both girls and boys!

    The skill is in managing your cards and making the right plays at the right time. Any age can play since the complexity of the game depends only on how complicated or easy you want to make it.

    The action is tense and the score is close in this tournament as the last two players near the final inning - each striving to take the championship!

    kids caught up in a game

    playing baseball with cards

    Toe to Toe Baseball® is the perfect gift to get family and friends playing a wholesome and fun card game together!

    Need more information? Do you require a fundraiser? Click here to contact us.

    The game comes in sturdy box for easy storage, contains 72 specially designed playing cards on casino quality card stock, a game board, markers and a score pad. Assistance is available by contacting us online with any questions or concerns about the game.
    For orders to the USA and Canada.
    For orders outside of the USA and Canada.

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